Tell your lawmaker Connecticut needs a strong spending cap! [call to action]

From the Yankee Institute:

In 1992, Connecticut voters approved a Constitutional spending cap by an eighty percent majority. However, that cap has yet to be fully implemented and the hardworking taxpayers of this state are tired of waiting.

Had the cap been implemented in 1992, the state would have saved $5.2 billion by 2012, simply by controlling spending growth.

Thankfully, the bipartisan budget that recently passed the General Assembly contained a strong spending cap — exactly what Connecticut needs.

While that budget was vetoed by Governor Malloy, the commitment to spending reform should remain a priority for our legislators.

Connecticut lawmakers now have the opportunity to create a real spending cap — true to the promise made to taxpayers 26 years ago.

There is a strong possibility that a budget vote could happen early next week!

Tell your senator or representative that Connecticut needs a strong spending cap — one that doesn’t allow our state to continue down the road of unrestricted spending!

Contact your state senator or representative today

State legislators who supported the cap by voting for the budget did the right thing. 

Help them continue fighting for Connecticut taxpayers by showing your support for a strong spending cap!

—Joe Horvath