Board of Education

Wayne F. Shuhi, Member (R)

Frank J. Simone, Member (R)

Lynn Stone, Member (D)

Matthew Terzian, Member (R)

Gayle C. Carr, Chair (D)

Daniel B. Clock, Member (R)

Donald R. Falcetti, Member (R)

John Morosani, Member (R)

David E. Pavlick, Member (D)

John Morosani

John Morosani.jpg

John was raised in Litchfield on his family’s farm on Wigwam Road. He was educated at Middlebury College and earned an MBA from Dartmouth College.

He and his wife live on the farm, and their son and daughter also live in town. John serves on the Board of the White Memorial Foundation, the Oliver Wolcott Library, and the Litchfield Pension Commission.  He also has been the Treasurer for the Seherr-Thoss Foundation. He currently manages a grass fed beef operation, has worked as an investment banker, managed investments for individuals and institutions, and has started several successful businesses.

Matt Terzian

Litchfield means the world to Matt and his wife. Their three children have been the joy of their lives, and watching them grow up in such an ideal community has been a gift.  

Matt was educated at UC Santa Barbara, followed by an MBA from the University of Southern California.   He is a Chartered Financial Analyst and Certified Financial Planner. He has worked in the investment and financial sectors for over fifteen years, and feels that his dedication to family, love of and sense of duty to the community, respect for various viewpoints, education and experience, and strong belief in professionalism, transparency, and cooperation, make him an ideal candidate for the BOE.

Matt Terzian.jpg