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Our goal is to make our information complete and compelling for you to learn more about Litchfield, your Litchfield Republicans, the Litchfield Republican Town Committee and possibly entice you to get involved in the leadership of our community. If we cannot entice you to become involved at least we will offer you information and an avenue to reach your Republican Team in Litchfield.

Participating in local government can be one of the most rewarding aspects of living in a historic New England town such as Litchfield. Volunteering to serve on a local Litchfield board or commission alongside your fellow friends and neighbors is an excellent way of participating in Litchfield’s governance. Volunteering your time can be easily accomplished by getting in touch with the Office of the First Selectman or with other local elected or appointed officials and letting them know of your interest. Another way of becoming involved is to contact any member of the Litchfield Republican Town Committee or by attending one of our monthly meetings.

We hope our site is a valued source of up-to-date Litchfield specific information pertaining to our “Common Sense Leadership 2017” Campaign and beyond. We welcome emails and thoughts regarding our website, candidates and questions that you may have regarding local politics. It is also a standing invitation to all residents to learn more about opportunities to participate in Litchfield’s local Town Meeting form of government.

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Our Connecticut State Incumbent Legislator Candidates

Senator Craig Miner - Visit his  WEBSITE

Representative David T. Wilson - Visit his WEBSITE

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